Reel Star

First user centric, blockchain integrated mobile first platform for content creation and sharing for any type of media:





One mobile app for everyone
One digital solution for everyone

Reel star was designed, from the ground up to be a global social and entertainment platform which allows users to create, share and trade content with a worldwide audience.

Mint Your own NFT’s

Convert any media content to NFTs with a single clicks

Trade crypto and NFTs in a single app

Secure peer 2 peer chat (Video/Audio/Text)

A safe, secure and private ReelPay digital wallet

Multiple ways to earn Reel Points while using Reel Star App

Additional features with many more to come

  • Multiple NFT Licensing and Smart Contract Capabilities
  • Ability to trade, lease or rent NFTs
  • Highly encrypted private in-app communication (Video/Audio/Text)
  • In-app wallet functionality with multiple fiat and crypto currencies
  • Ability to seamlessly transfer funds securely (Fiat or Crypto Currency)
  • Access to integrated Debit Mastercard valid internationally

What makes us unique?

The first mobile video and entertainment application based on a Web3 enabled platform providing integrated access to the Metaverse/Omniverse

A seamless easy-to-use platform to create and monetise a full range of NFTs

The app is designed to provide a global audience and marketplace for artists’ & creators’ content

The app is designed for anyone to be able to access and leverage Web3 and future technologies easily for both entertainment and profit (No IT qualification required!)

The app was created with the purpose of enabling people with shared interest to create positive, meaningful and beneficial communities both locally and globally. The app facilitates both communication and sharing

A digital Debit Mastercard is integrated into the app enabling full access to Mastercard benefits internationally with the option to obtain a physical card

Coming Soon...